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"Almost Famous"

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Birthday parties are performed by either

"The Clown"
"The Clownette"

  • Juggling
  • Magic
  • Funny Fiddle
  • Balloon Animals
  • Audience Participation
  • Ventriloquism
  • Comedy Magic
  • Juggling
  • Balloon Animals
  • Audience Participation
2008 was Buddy's 25th year Ventriloquist Extraordinaire

"Alberta's best." - C.B.C.

Buddy and Button are seasoned professionals and have
performed at thousands of birthdays each.

Full-time since 1985. Let their experience work for you.

They Deliver!

For all ages

"Buddy and Button are very accomplished at what they do."
   - Kim Carson, Calgary in Character, Calgary Herald Neighbours

During their individual 1-hour birthday party visit
(45-minute show, 15-minute schmooze):

The birthday child is the "star" of the show and gets...   Each child gets...
  • to help as much as they
    would like.
  • a balloon animal.
  • a coloring page.
  • a special two-balloon sculpture.
  • an autographed color poster.
  • to be a helper.

  • a coloring page.

  • a balloon animal.


Some Buddy special


Canada's only

"Buddy, you wher so funny we allmost go a stumihcake."
- Megan & Regan
  "I'm going to have Button every year for my birthday, even when I'm an adult."
- Emily


It's all good.

Buddy also does
birthday parties for

Button is great with
little ones.


"The best clown shows I have ever seen for children."
- Lynn Johnson

Calgary's Most Preferred and Referred Clowns

Birthday packages are affordable.
Call with details and they'll give you a free no-obligation quote
and list of references.

2005 - This is Shaun Donaldson, whose birthday was the
first party that Buddy ever did, in 1983.

"As always, we can count on Buddy & Button for a high quality delivery"
- Sobey's

It doesn't cost any more to hire the best.

The Bottom Line: Buddy and Button are not your ordinary clowns. Clowning is their career choice, it's not a hobby or part-time job. They trained and taught at clown and variety arts schools in the U.S.A. They have been performing full time since 1985. That is why they are so good at it, why most of their work is repeat or referral and why customer satisfaction is important to them. As email is not a secure method of communication,
please CALL them at (403) 282-0361 to assure availability.


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Calgary, Alberta, Canada



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