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Button's Photo Page

"Everyone had a blast!" - Southgate Chev Olds

Button the Clownette
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Button & Buddy
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Button's right-hand man, Monkey

"Monkey I love you very much and you're so funny"
- Jessica, age 4

Button the Broncette
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"Button was great, as always."
- Monsignor. J. J. O'Brien Elementary

It doesn't cost any more to hire the best.

The Bottom Line: Button is not your ordinary clown. Clowning is her career choice, it's not a hobby or part-time job. She trained and taught at clown and variety arts schools in the U.S.A. She has been performing full time since 1985. That is why she is so good at it, why most of her work is repeat or referral and why customer satisfaction is important to her. Shows are booked every day. As email is not a secure method of communication,
please CALL us at (403) 282-0361 to assure availability.


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