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   Stampede or Western parties are performed by either


  • Trick Roping

  • Horsey Unicycle

  • Funny Fiddle

  • Country Humor

  • Audience Participation

  • and more

2008 was
Buddy's 25th year

"The Broncette"
  • Ventriloquism

  • Trick Roping

  • Comedy Magic

  • Scooter Rides

  • Audience Participation

  • and more

Canada's only Clownette/Ventriloquist

The kids are the stars of the show... but the buffalo is pretty cool!
- Bailey the Buffalo - courtesy of Sterling Ranches Ltd.
Click here to view Bailey's website


"As usual, everyone young and old enjoyed Button and Buddy's shows."
- The Calgary Stampede

Buddy and Button performed eight years in a row for the Calgary Stampede.

Buddy and Button are Calgary's original cowboy and cowgirl (non-rodeo) clowns
and still the best!


"Buddy and Button are good trick ropers, I know because I've tried it."
- Shannon Frye

You can see Buddy trick-roping in the Calgary Stampede promotional video.

Buddy and Button are also available to perform Trick Roping
without their makeup dressed in western wear.

Trick Roper

They work individually on stage or at the line-ups.

See more photos on photo pages:
Buddy's photo page
Button's photo page

"Calgary's best clowns." - Market Mall

Buddy or Button may even bring the clownmobile.

"Buddy and Button are the only clowns I know of that do a stage show!"
- Hurricane Smith, Country 105

Full-time since 1985. Let their experience work for you!

Buddy with fiddle
A Channel Video July 1998
Time 2:05

Button with
Jonnie Johnson

"Buddy and Button are professionals. They were prompt and organized. They were able to offer a safe, non-threatening Western experience. Visitors had fun. They did a superb job! I highly recommend them."
- S. Chapman, Glenbow Museum, Canadian Cowboy Exhibit

It doesn't cost any more to hire the best.

The Bottom Line: Buddy and Button are not your ordinary clowns. Clowning is their career choice, it's not a hobby or part-time job. They trained and taught at clown and variety arts schools in the U.S.A. They have been performing full time since 1985. That is why they are so good at it, why most of their work is repeat or referral and why customer satisfaction is important to them. As email is not a secure method of communication,
please CALL them at (403) 282-0361 to assure availability.


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